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SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN reaches over 9 million forward-thinking, solution-seeking readers who set agendas that others follow. They are the people that lead, deliver policy, and drive innovation across a variety of sectors including health and medicine, energy, infrastructure and planet management. Scientific American documents advances and new technologies that enhance human lives and fuel economic growth. With a roster of over 150 Nobel laureate authors and a prestigious Board of Advisors contributing to the brand, Scientific American delivers in-depth, reliable, and credible information to spark imagination and serve as a catalyst for innovation. Our clients have the ability to reach this engaged, educated, and influential audience through a range of dynamic and highly customizable platforms. Moreover, Scientific American’s Custom Media Group serves as a one-stop shop for all content and distribution needs. Our media team creates content in many forms: features, info-graphic displays, special editions, digital programs, multimedia units, stand-alone websites, mobile applications, event programs, live content and social media collaborations. We work closely with each of our clients to build solutions based on a deep understanding of their campaign objectives and their marketing goals.

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